Efforts of Higher Education Board in India

The higher education authority working in India is University Grants Commission (UGC). It has been working in the country since decades and has been making efforts to elevate the quality and standard of education in the country. Its achievements are evident from the fact that Indian education system has seen dramatic changes and improvements in the structure during these decades. Currently, it celebrated its Diamond Jubilee Celebration which highlighted future steps to be taken and the reservation that were to be catered in near future.

India is a nation that is proud of its achievements in the field of education. It has gone through evolutionary phase and many upheavals during the decades but has managed to establish a structure that has formed strong and sound educational foundations for the nation. The higher education board along with the assistance and backing of government has made its mark in a diverse range of fields. Even though India still lags behind in the broader picture at the global level but it has managed to revive the structure and follow the footsteps of developed nations closely.

The Indian government and the higher education bodies are working hand in hand to revive the structure and bring drastic improvements in it. India is a huge country and is spread across millions of miles. Making education accessible in such a diverse and wide country is a difficult task. For this purpose, the infrastructure of education has to be improved and broadened. To cater this, government has launched a new plan called, Rashtriya Uchttar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA). It works closely with the higher education board. The aim of this would be to develop more educational facilities in the country.

To broaden the spread of educational institutes across the nation, it has been planned to create 278 new universities around the country in different cities and states. It will create 338 new colleges and convert 266 colleges to Model Degree Colleges. Moreover, it will also work on improving the standards of existing colleges and universities. It will provide infrastructure grants to 286 state universities and 8500 state colleges. This will help them to improve not just education standards but also comply with quality accreditation standards that are deemed as essential.

It is commendable to see the sincere efforts of the government in education setup. A major part of the budget is being spend on education sector because government has realized the potential of providing the nation with an educational infrastructure and making it accessible to the masses.

Apart from these remarkable initiatives, efforts are also been taken to set up more national and regional accreditation bodies in the country that will assess the procedures of the institutes and make them comply with the standards that are deemed essential. These collective efforts would help in fulfillment of the dream to see India amongst the proud and educated nations of the world.


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